Alright, let’s talk MoPOP. If you’ve never been to Seattle, you probably think that’s a typo (Spoiler: it’s not). But if you have visited Seattle, I sincerely hope you’ve been to the Modern Pop Culture Museum. There are so many incredible exhibits in this non-profit museum, including an insider look at video games throughout history, the evolution of fantasy and thriller movies, an exceptionally well-made exhibit on the Seattle Seahawks, and more. But for today’s post, we’re going to focus on the music galleries.

Courtesy of: Brady Harvey/Museum of Pop Culture

The music scene in the Pacific Northwest is iconic, and the Modern Pop Culture museum is dedicated to educating Seattleites and visitors about the legends that were born and raised in the area, and the incredible art that subsequently ensued. The icon most prominently featured is definitely Jimi Hendrix, through the Wild Blue Angel: Hendrix Abroad, where visitors can travel alongside the legendary Jimi Hendrix at the height of his fame. This story is told through artifacts like the Trans World Airlines satchel he used to store some of his personal things during his tour, along with posters, tickets and photos from his time as the superstar we remember him as today.

Courtesy of: Brady Harvey/Museum of Pop Culture

Another music legend represented at MoPOP is Nirvana. One of the most famous rock bands in America was formed in Aberdeen, Washington, just a few hours southwest of Seattle. Nirvana called the Pacific Northwest their home for the entirety of their influential career, and the culture of grunge rock was forever changed after the death of Kurt Cobain, but they continue to be a staple of alternative music in Seattle, and around the world.

Courtesy of: Luminescent Grand at Seattle Mini Maker Faire

Many famous artists have come out of Seattle and surrounding areas, including the Foo Fighters (formed by Dave Grohl of Nirvana after the death of Cobain), and Pearl Jam. More recently, artists like Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have come out of Seattle, and have made a big splash in the music scene across the country. There is a very cool guitar gallery, along with this incredible structure made of over 700 guitars. One of my favorite parts of the MoPOP is the Sound Lab, an innovative place for everyone (seriously, I visited with 2 other women in their mid-20’s, and we were obsessed) to learn about every musical instrument you can imagine. There’s even soundproof rooms filled with drums, guitars, and keyboards where you can record and mix your very own song!

Courtesy of: Tim Streetporter

In addition to being an incredibly fun place to learn about the Seattle music scene, it’s right next to the Chihuly Gardens & Glass Museum and the Space Needle, so it’s a favorite Seattle landing spot for tourists and locals alike. Check this link out for a quick snapshot of MoPOP. I said it already, but if you haven’t made it out to the Modern Pop Culture Museum, check it out. Drop what you’re doing, hop in your car, and get yourself over there. You won’t regret it, and show us your favorite musical inspiration when you get there by using the hashtag #LoewsHotel1000 and tagging @Hotel1000.