I‘m not really a science fanatic.  Growing up I gravitated towards language arts and history, but those tendencies were set aside as soon as Chicago’s Museum of Science & Industry came into my view through the cab window.  The massive museum was well worth the fifteen-minute cab ride from the Loop to the Hyde Park neighborhood and I hadn’t even set foot inside yet!  This will be a perfect activity for the rainy afternoon.

I had purchased a City Pass the day before which provided me admission to 5 major Chicago attractions, so I traded in my City Pass voucher for an official entrance pass and headed up the steps towards the Museum’s impressive main hall.  With eye-catching exhibits on either side, it was tough to decide where to start exploring.

Museum 4

After spending a few hours in the museum, I was completely confident that one could spend a week exploring and still have undiscovered territory.  The top 3 highlights for me were:

1.  The Vortex

Learn how tornadoes form and disband based on wind patterns by watching it happen right before your own eyes.

Chicago Road Trip 105

2.  The Tidal Wave

Evidently I was a meteorologist in a former life because I had a hard time leaving the ‘Mother Nature’ section of the museum.  Like many stations within the museum, this was interactive so I was able to control the waves to create a tsunami-like effect on the shoreline of the display.  It was pretty amazing to watch the wave gain power over the course of its path!

Chicago Road Trip 108

3.  The Model Train

This isn’t your average holiday display!  This is a sizable train track traveling around a replica of downtown Chicago.  From afar I was in awe of the scale of the city scene and up close I was enamored with the level of detail on display.  I could have watched the train cover the same tracks for hours.

Museum 2

The Museum of Science and Industry exhibits are seemingly endless and great for a variety of ages and interest levels.  Carve out an afternoon and head to Hyde Park for a fun, hands-on adventure at the museum!


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