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New Orleans

The sights and sounds of a destination doubtlessly make a lasting impression on your own personal travel experiences; the first time you see your reflection in The Bean in downtown Chicago, or your first subway ride underneath the bustling streets of New York City, or when you first hear the bells toll at St. Louis Cathedral in the middle of Jackson Square. Those emotional snapshots are long-lasting, but we’d like to argue that the tastes you encounter on these adventures can be even more impactful. New Orleans especially paints its own culinary picture of epic proportions — with vivid colors, passion, and zeal. Its personality can be found in the strength of its chicory coffee and the steam of a fresh, hot beignet. These are the authentic edible experiences we like to bring right to our guests, so they may dine and drink like locals without ever having to step foot out of the door.

As a part of Flavor by Loews Hotels, we have collaborated with three unique vendors who provide us with homegrown, handcrafted and locally sourced products carefully woven into the fabric of our property’s offerings. We invite you to try them all!

Bellegarde Bakery | Piccola Gelateria | Loews New Orleans

Photography by Gabriel Goldberg

Bellegarde Bakery

With an unwavering passion for bread-baking, Graison Gill opened Bellegarde Bakery in 2013, naming it after the first known commercial bakery in New Orleans established in 1722. Graison’s ardent desire to share high-quality and carefully handcrafted product with the community is equal to his dedication to the ancient craft of hand-baking. Bellegarde takes careful notice of each detail that goes into the process of creating their loaves of bread using fresh, stone-milled flour they mill on property, and a mixture of finesse, technique, confidence, and pride. A calling and a mission, Graison describes Bellegarde best:

“Bellegarde is committed to ideas, not just thoughts; because bread is a process, not a product. Every loaf, every action, every movement is informed by a baker—choice is inherent in every moment. The baker, a craftsman, fulfills each step of the process, just as the process defines the baker. With world-class ingredients and ancient methods, the bread is a testament to craftsmanship: personal, patient, pure.”

Old New Orleans Rum | Loews New Orleans

Photography by Gabriel Goldberg

Old New Orleans Rum

A renowned painter and sculptor with masterful works exhibited worldwide, James Michalopoulos founded Celebration Distillation in 1995. Producing the highest-rated rum from the oldest rum distillery in the country, this establishment proudly uses only locally sourced Louisiana sugar cane to craft its spirits. Aged in charred American White Oak Bourbon, Whiskey or Sherry casks, Old New Orleans Rum puts forth a playful plethora of flavors one has to taste to fully appreciate. The three classic types of rum — Crystal, Amber and Cajun Spice — can be incorporated into a clever cocktail of your choice or sipped ever so simply on the rocks.

Piccola Gelateria | Loews New Orleans

Photography by Gabriel Goldberg

Piccola Gelateria

For Ria and Ross Turnbull, Piccola Gelateria is a dream come true. Their vision for a relaxing, inviting and warm “Italian living room” came to life in 2016 on Freret Street in Uptown New Orleans. A classically trained chef with over 35 years of experience in some of the best kitchens in Europe, Ross brings his expertise to the table with mouth-watering seasonal, specialty and traditional flavors of artisan gelato using fresh ingredients and locally sourced milk and cream. Ross and Ria are such a dynamic duo, stirring up batches of fun and flavor into their products, along with genuine hospitality and a personalized touch. If you stop by the shop, make sure to order a little taste of everything, including their piadina (Italian flatbread sandwiches), crepes and micro-roasted espresso.