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NOLA's Top 5 Ice Cream Parlors
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NOLA's Top 5 Ice Cream Parlors

A treat for all ages (and all times of the year, if you ask me), ice cream always finds a way to brighten someone's day. Though the lingering summer temps make it an easy choice for an afternoon delight, it isn't a difficult temptation to give into otherwise. My earliest and fondest memory of an ice cream encounter finds me in my childhood home, not tall enough to see over the kitchen counter, captivated by my father and his big, strong hands effortlessly mixing a concoction of thick, creamy, chocolatey goodness with ice cold milk in a tall colored glass. This, of course, was, in my opinion, the best milkshake I had ever had, and resulted in a kind of nirvana only an innocent mind whose greatest fear is an early bedtime can experience.

Fast-forward to adulthood, where traffic jams and missed deadlines and accidentally deleted emails swarm around an ever-growing plethora of colorful reasons to be anxious — and ice cream still has the power to transport me to a different place. Walking the streets of New Orleans, feeling the humid breeze blow across my cheeks whilst trying to capture the creamy drips escaping from the confines of my waffle cone, I'm suddenly back at home, staring up at my father, at ease and immersed in bliss.

Whatever memory ice cream holds for you, you're sure to create a happy one as you explore these five marvelous ice cream parlors and gelato shops that are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

A Blue And White Cake On A Table


Creole Creamery

Tucked away in a quiet, residential area of Uptown, this old-fashioned ice cream parlor has tons of vintage charm. With black and white checkered tile floors and accents of cheery apple red, the old "McKenzie's" neon sign still reigns supreme on the turquoise facade, providing a glimpse into the building's former life. The menu boasts over 45 delectable flavors of sorbets, sherbets and ice cream that are made in-house every day, not to mention their seasonal flavors and other classics like Ice Cream Sodas and Banana Splits. They also offer catering services for parties and events that will bring a Creole Creamery chef straight to your house for an ice cream-making demonstration.

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Angelo Brocato

A New Orleans tradition since 1905, this spot from the Brocato family has been scooping gelato for over 100 years. Churning ice cream by hand, Angelo first introduced traditional Italian flavors to New Orleanians like "torroncino", a vanilla-based gelato with cinnamon and ground almonds, and lemon ice or "granita al limone", at his storefront in the French Quarter. As residents started moving outside of the city center, Angelo moved his shop to Midcity, where it stands today, still serving all the favorites, including his specialty, Sicilian cannoli.

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Piccola Gelateria

Cozy and inviting, this Freret street storefront is the perfect spot for lunch, a delicious espresso or a frozen treat. Serving up house-made artisan gelato, dairy-free sorbetto as well as a full menu of flatbreads, crepes, coffees and gelato cakes, there's something for everyone at Piccola. As a Loews New Orleans Flavor partner, we proudly incorporate Ross and Ria Turnbull's delicious gelato into our property's offerings and restaurant menu.

A Blue And White Cake On A Table

Shake Therapy

On my first visit to Shake Therapy, it was comically but aptly described to me as "Subway — but for milkshakes". This quaint little dessert shop creates detailed works of ice cream art while offering the addition of nearly every sweet and sugarcoated topping known to man. Can't make up your mind? Simply start with an ice cream flavor and let their talented team take it from there. They won't disappoint.

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Drip Affogato Bar

"When coffee falls for ice cream..." you discover a love affair called affogato. The magical combination of craft espresso and artisanal ice cream brought together is an experience one soon won't forget. At Drip, you can choose from a delicious selection of gourmet toppings to build your own affogato or try one of the seven incredible creations on their menu. It's also an ideal space for coffee-sipping and daydreaming — you can find a seat next to one of their big picture windows and watch the Warehouse District world go by.


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