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Yesterday after the Cronut adventure, I decided to head to a destination that I knew wouldn’t run out of delicious ingredients:  Union Square Greenmarket.  I had to pick up some fresh blueberries, as well as some other veggies to tide us over for the rest of the week, and rather than fighting the crowds at Whole Foods or Fairway, I opted for the local outdoor market.

The Union Square market is a sight to behold whether or not you need fresh produce, fish, flowers, or bread.   I would estimate that easily over 75 vendors participate on any given Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday, and shoppers flock to stock up on local ingredients.


I walked over to several stands and surveyed the blueberries to find the juiciest looking bunch for the pie I was going to make for the 4th of July picnic in Central Park.  I selected 3 green cartons of berries, as well as a sweet smelling peach, and made my purchase.  I snacked on the ripe peach as a perused the rest of the market to see what might peak my interest.  There were several farmers with beautiful sunflowers and snapdragons, but I knew with the extreme heat in my apartment, they would never last as long as I wished they might.


There are smaller Greenmarket outposts throughout Manhattan and the other 4 boroughs, but there is something about the energy at the original Greenmarket that makes it well worth the commute to 14th Street.  From the Loews Regency it is a quick ride downtown on the Express 4/5 trains to Union Square, and if your path doesn’t take you in that direction during your stay, you can always walk to Rockefeller Center for their market on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Now, I better get baking!


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