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Picture this: You’re exploring a cool city, learning new things about our nation’s history, checking out museum exhibits, and staying in a luxury hotel. This is what you will get with our Past, Present, Philadelphia package. We have teamed up with Philadelphia Pass, which offers amazing values on the city’s top attractions, to ensure our guests get the most out of their visits.

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Where Do I Start?

Check out Philadelphia Pass to find the attractions you’ll want to add to your itinerary. Whether you’re most excited to explore Philly’s history, visit one of our endless museums, stroll through our infamous Philadelphia Zoo, or maybe a mix of everything, you will want to determine if a 1-, 2-, 3-, or 5-day pass is best for you.

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Why Loews Philadelphia?

Loews Philadelphia is centrally located to all attractions so you’re never too far from your next stop, and we recommend a multi-day pass so that you don’t miss a thing. Besides, our Past, Present, Philadelphia package is about more than just sightseeing outside of the hotel. Take photos of five historic spots within the hotel, post them using hashtag #LoewsPhilly, and you can get a complimentary “Secret Knock” cocktail at our restaurant, Bank & Bourbon. For a bonus lesson, ask the bartender about this historic cocktail’s origin.

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How Do I Find Historic Sights at the Hotel?

They’re everywhere! As the former home of the Philadelphia Savings Fund Society, we are still home to many historic treasures. All you have to do is explore a little to find them, check them off your list and you will be sipping your Secret Knock in no time! Here are some directions. Can we make it much easier?

  1. Bank Vault: One of the first things you’ll see after checking in, the vault is close to the front desk.
  2. Safe Deposit Boxes: A fun photo-op for sure, these are located on our second floor.
  3. Cartier Clock: We have many of these clocks throughout our building. Just look up when stepping off the elevator to head to your guestroom.
  4. Original Elevator Bank: No longer functioning, but the golden doors can be seen near the entrance to Bank & Bourbon.
  5. 33rd Floor View: The view may be ever-changing, but the windows have been there since our building’s opening in 1932.

Don’t forget to use hashtag #LoewsPhilly when uploading these photos for your complimentary Secret Knock cocktail!

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How Much Will I Save?

This will depend on the pass you choose, but it’s definitely a great deal no matter what sites interest you. Visit Philadelphia Pass here to see how much attractions cost for the general public, and how much you’ll pay and save based on your package choice.

Get saving and sightseeing!

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