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As frequent travelers know too well, one of the most important travel items to never, ever forget to pack is a phone charger. You’ve been there: stuck somewhere with that dreaded 2% battery life icon blaring from your phone while you panic to save every last drop of its electronic pulsing life. You visually sweep the room for an outlet to bring your phone back from the dead… you find one, all the way across the room, nowhere where you need to be, but it’s your only option. As you shuffle through your bag, you quickly realize that you forgot to pack the one item that we all use more than the shoes that we put on our feet… your charger!

It’s undoubtedly one of the most frustrating and stressful things that we all do as travelers, aside from waiting in long airport security lines that endlessly weave back and forth for as long as the eye can see. (You know: that same line where you drained all of the battery life…)

Now for some good news: I’m here to save your battery blunder and share some tips and tricks for recharging not only your devices but your mind, body and soul after a long day of traveling.

Working in hotels for over a decade now, I’ve observed so many guests leaving their chargers behind. Sometimes they find their way home back to their owners. What happens to the rest, you ask? Well, forgotten chargers almost always end up back in the hotel’s Security office. So here is an insider tip: those chargers stay there forever and almost always are available for guests to use at no charge. Most hotels don’t advertise this, but whenever guests ask if we have a charger for them to use, we bring them one of the ones that were left behind, at no charge.

Hotels have also become very savvy with their placement of charging outlets. At Loews Chicago O’Hare, guests want readily available outlets and enough of them so they can spread out to work and not intrude in other people’s personal space. Our lobby, an airy, relaxing place to sit and unwind, happens to have tables equipped with charging outlets, in addition to others mounted along the wall. We know that a lot of our guests are business travelers who don’t necessarily want to sit in their guestroom all day to work, so we also have a communal work table in our lobby.

Now that all of your electronics are charged up, it’s time for you to unwind and recharge your senses. One of the ways to do this at O’Hare is to discover the local food and entertainment hubs in the area. 

Flavor Recharge

Looking to try some of the famous Chicago breweries but don’t have much time while you’re here? Stop in at The Ashburn, located in our lobby. The restaurant recently launched a beer flight program highlighting local breweries, so you don’t have to go far to sample Chicago’s favorite brews. Insider tip: these local beers pair well with their new Skylon Burger that recently landed on the menu.

Retail Therapy Recharge

Do you love a good deal and some retail therapy to help alleviate the stress of travel? Good news: Loews Chicago O’Hare is literally 300 steps from Chicago’s largest two-story outlet mall, where high-end fashion meets art in an expansive indoor shopping heaven. That’s right: Fashion Outlets of Chicago is home to some really unique pieces of art from artists all over the country. It’s like getting a little retail therapy and a visit to an art gallery, all in one.

Active Recharge

Many think that Rosemont is simply an airport neighborhood full of hotels, convention centers and transient activities. Little do most know, it’s also home to some of the state’s largest forest preserves. Just across the street from the hotel sits Catherine Chevalier Woods, offering several shaded walking paths along the Des Plaines River. This is a great area to recharge and go for a walk or run and perhaps encounter one of the local deer residents that call the preserves home.

There you have it folks: my three ways to recharge yourself before the flight home. (Now: did you pack that charger?!)