Free Wi-Fi at Loews Hotels & Resorts
All Locations

Have you heard? Last month, Loews Hotels & Resorts revealed some news we know many of our guests have been waiting for—the roll-out of Free Wi-Fi in all of the guest rooms at our hotels. That’s right, no more pesky connection fees just to check your email or check-in on Facebook and post that photo of your getaway to make friends back home jealous. Hooray!

When you log on to the network in your room, you’ll have a choice of the Free Wi-Fi or our higher-speed Premium Plus Internet access, which is often a better choice for business travelers or anyone who may need the higher bandwidth for large file downloads. (Premium Plus also gives you access for up to eight devices per room.)

Of course, Free Wi-Fi is also available in our public spaces, such as our lobbies. In fact, the only place a fee applies to access Wi-Fi is in our meeting rooms—and hopefully your boss, company or meeting planner has you covered there.

So, feel free to stay connected, no matter which of our Loews properties you’re visiting. Here on #WishYouWereHere, we’ll be bringing you tips for great local online resources in each of our destinations—so you can put that Wi-Fi to good use and uncover the best hidden gems and locals’ favorites to visit during your stay. Stay tuned…

In the meantime, you can find more of that local flavor by visiting us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. Thanks to our social reservations program, you can even book your stay on Twitter. How’s that for convenient? All you have to do is send us a tweet @Loews_Hotels and use the hashtag #BookLoews to start the booking process.