When the Loews Hollywood team suggested that I head to the Hollywood Bowl rather than navigating my way through city streets for an early morning run, I welcomed the new workout scenery.  I decided to get an early start to the day in Los Angeles and ducked out of the hotel around 7 a.m.  The bellmen wished me good morning as I took a left onto Highland Avenue and started jogging.  Wouldn’t you know there’s already traffic in L.A.  I was restricted to the sidewalk for the first 0.6 miles which also happened to be all uphill.  Funny that the team failed to mention this steady incline.  Running aside sitting traffic motivated me to keep up my pace as did my excitement for seeing the Hollywood Bowl for the first time.


I turned into the amphitheater’s main entrance and went from a crowded sea of cars on Highland to an absolutely empty parking lot.  I spotted a ramp to the left that led to the theater seating and headed that way while dodging the landscaping crew that was roaming the grounds.  I arrived inside the Hollywood Bowl and stopped in my tracks due to the overwhelming size of the structure.  Should I go up or down the steps first?  I headed to the top figuring that direction would be more challenging, but knew very well that either direction was going to feel like a workout after this many steps.  I was picturing something much smaller when I agreed to this idea…  I went up and down and up and down…and up and down…until I reached the center aisle where I decided to pause a moment and take in the scene.  It was pretty incredible to admire the large stage and think about who I would like to see perform while realizing I was the only one there.

I ran several more sets of stairs before heading back out of the Hollywood Bowl.  As I made my way back to Highland Avenue, the traffic was still holding steady while the view had some great highlights that I hadn’t noticed on my approach.  Plus the downhill stretch was coming at the perfect time.  I smiled at the bellmen on my way back in giving them a thumbs up to acknowledge that I survived, but I was in no mood for small talk after the step training.

I went back to my room and ordered a bowl of oatmeal from room service before heading out for the day to Universal Studios Hollywood.  I hope I still have enough energy to enjoy all of the great rides! 

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