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In case you’ve missed recent headlines or chatter among foodies and travelers, San Francisco continues to earn its reputation as a top food destination. Among the unquestionable proof is Bon Appetit’s fall 2015 designation, “San Francisco Is the Best Food City in the Country Right Now.”

The city by the bay unsurprisingly attracts top culinary talent, and when Loews Regency San Francisco opened last year, we sought a chef with the creativity, vision and chops for this foodie destination. Enter Chef Amol Agarwal, who we are fortunate to have heading culinary operations and our restaurant, Brasserie S&P, as Executive Chef and Director of Food and Beverage.

Chef Amol Agarwal, Loews Regency San Francisco

With San Francisco Restaurant Week happening January 20–31, 2016, it’s a great time to learn more about Chef Amol and what our guests and locals can anticipate at Brasserie S&P for Restaurant Week.

Amol, your culinary career has taken you around the world. How did you get started and what did you learn in these global destinations?

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I’m from India and after high school I went to hotel school, knowing I wanted to work in hospitality. I liked the food aspect but didn’t know I would be a chef, until my first internship, which included 26 weeks working in every major department of a hotel.  It was then I knew and pursued culinary training. In my 23 years as a chef, I’ve had the chance to work in India, the Maldives, then in San Francisco; Jamaica; Los Angeles; Beijing, China; Scottsdale, Arizona; Miami, Florida; and now back in San Francisco since 2015 – all in that order.

I’ve learned many things cooking in cultures around the world, but to name a few:

What about Northern California inspires you, and how are you bringing that to Brasserie S&P?

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You always hear about the fresh ingredients in California, and it’s true. It goes beyond the produce though to many of our ingredients, because there are many resources here in our backyard, such as creameries with unique cheeses, local olives and olive oil, and companies making sausages, cured meats and charcuteries.  At Brasserie S&P, we’re focusing on what the fresh, seasonal ingredients are to drive our menu rather defining a set cuisine type, although we incorporate French and Spanish influences.

What have you enjoyed most in your role as head Chef here?

Within Loews Regency, we’re enabled to try different things and to allow room for the team’s creativity. We can focus on seasonality and create new dishes. This works very well because San Francisco is such a cosmopolitan city, and people are very accepting of different cuisines and styles and want those experiences.  We are creating the relationships with our guests and locals where they know there often will be something different to try here, and they are excited to come back to Brasserie S&P for that reason.

What’s in store for the San Francisco Restaurant Week menu at Brasserie S&P?

Brasserie S&P Restaurant Week Salmon dish

We’re excited to offer both a two-course lunch menu, and a three-course dinner menu. The full menus are online, but a few highlights include:

Who’s hungry? Thanks, Chef Amol, for igniting our inner foodies and sharing your incredible background with us. To make a Brasserie S&P Restaurant Week reservation, call 415-276-9888.

Here’s to your next feast being in San Francisco,