San Francisco

A stay in San Francisco is incomplete without a trip to the Ferry Building. Just blocks from Loews Regency San Francisco, the Ferry Building is a remarkable historic landmark with a colorful history. It survived the 1906 Earthquake and Fire, inspiring people to stay and rebuild the city and becoming a luminous beacon of hope for San Franciscans. Beyond the interesting history, the San Francisco Ferry Building is a beautiful location with countless local merchants and some of the best kept secrets in the city.

So, what’s inside? The Ferry Building is a collection of tempting food and beverage stops, adorable knick-knack shops, small but mighty markets and mouth-watering restaurants. Read on for our can’t-miss highlights.


There are so many awesome food stalls at the Ferry Building, but there are a couple of must-visits: Humphrey Slocombe is a famous local ice cream shop with a few impressive flavors. You have to have their “Secret Breakfast”-bourbon and Cornflakes Ice Cream, it’s unlike any other ice cream you’ve ever had. Even their Tahitian Vanilla Ice Cream is world class. Cowgirl Creamery is a divine local cheese emporium, where one must try the triple cream “Mt. Tam” treat. Mariposa is a delicious gluten-free bakery with baked treats to die for, including these scrumptious house-made “pop-tarts.” Yum!


There are so many cute markets at the Ferry Building, housing anything and everything artisanal, from cheese and wine, to ceramics and souvenirs. With the advent of online books, bookshops are a rarity. The Ferry Building has a fabulous local bookshop called Book Passage, showcasing local interest, food & wine, children’s books and a unique variety of hard and paperback books. I absolutely love Miette Patisserie, a candy shop that will make it very hard to choose just one. I love all of the gummy treats, and these make the perfect “was thinking of you in San Francisco” gift to take home with you.

Farmers Market

Every Saturday from 8 AM–2 PM (plus Tuesday and Thursday, 10 AM–2 PM, though a bit smaller) you can experience the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, one of the best in San Francisco. Known for both the quality and diversity of its fresh farm products and prepared foods, it is widely acclaimed as one of the top farmers markets in the country. On any day, especially Saturdays, some of San Francisco’s best-known chefs and most famous farmers can be seen at the market. They even host workshops and hands-on experiences for guests, so block off some time to pull up a seat and learn about food and agriculture.

For more insider tips, any of the Golden Gate Ferry staff members are excellent resources of information and can be found at the Bay Crossings shop or near the entrances to the ferry landing. Show us your favorite Ferry spots using the hashtag #LoewsRegencySF, and see more of the excitement on Instagram at @LoewsHotels.

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