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San Francisco has been a pioneer in the culinary scene for a long time and with so many options, sometimes it can be a little daunting to choose where to go. This is why we’ve partnered with the most loved, hyper-local food and beverage artisans in order to you bring the best flavors in the city. The best part is that you never have to leave the hotel in order to experience a truly authentic San Francisco dining experience — you can have it all at our new restaurant The Bear & Monarch or in the comforts of your room through in-room dining.

 Our FLAVOR Partners

Sciabica’s California Olive Oil

The olive oil industry is pretty fierce. This golden liquid, renowned for its health benefits, lives in an industry filled with fraud, mislabeling, and even connections to the mafia. Did you know that California produces 99% of the olive oil produced in the United States, but it only accounts for 2% of the olive oil consumed in the country? Enter Sciabica: a family born in Sicily and founded on the rich tradition of olive oil making. Since 1936, the family has been cold pressing olive oil from 100% GMO-free, sustainable olives without any artificial flavorings, colors, or additives. Their philosophy on wholesome food matched ours at The Bear & Monarch, so we had to bring in this local family-owned business as a #FlavorSanFrancisco partner.

Calicraft Brewing Co.

What was once a home-brewing passion project grew into a full line of craft beers inspired by the golden state of California. Well, it actually started in a dorm room at The University of California Berkeley, but from humble beginnings came great things. Utilizing local ingredients such as star thistle honey and anise hyssop, Calicraft fully embraces the California lifestyle and its plentiful resources. You can taste their beers, like the signature NorCal style IPA “The City” balanced with dank, citrusy, bitter and juicy flavors, right here in our restaurant.

Flavor San Francisco | Loews Regency San Francisco

Caged Heat Cocktail Syrups

What better way to kick cocktails up a notch than by adding a little heat? Local mixologists Jared Hirsch and Absinthia Vermut crowdfunded this business via Kickstarter after the homemade recipe created waves of buzz in bars and events. It took only seven days to reach their goal, and now this fiery blend of tamarind, dried chili, and cardamom pods is available to the public who was clamoring for it. You can try this elixir that’s described as “seductively spicy, roundly tart and warmly aromatic” in one of our craft cocktails at The Bear & Monarch.

The Bear & Monarch

The Bear & Monarch is the brand new restaurant inside Loews Regency SF, one that has undergone a complete renovation in terms of space design, concept, and menu. Named as a tribute to the grizzly bear on the California State Flag, who is named Monarch, The Bear & Monarch offers rustic yet sophisticated fare made with locally sourced ingredients in a modern tavern-style ambiance.

The visionary behind the restaurant’s memorable dishes is Executive Chef Howard Ko, who joins Loews Regency San Francisco from his most recent position of Corporate Executive Chef for the Chris Yeo Group. He has previously worked in some of the country’s most renowned and legendary restaurants, and his experience includes various fine dining and Michelin-rated California restaurants such as The French Laundry in Yountville, The Restaurant at Meadowood in St. Helena, Balboa Café in Mill Valley, and Mélisse in Los Angeles. During his time in New York, he also worked at Restaurant Daniel, DB Bistro Moderne, and Picholine.

Double Cheeseburger

On the menu, you can find a selection of food items varying from modest to show-stopping. Like the Double Cheeseburger: it’s familiar yet bold and made with a custom blend of various beef cuts which makes for a satisfying, meaty and cheesy bite.

There’s also the dazzling Scallop Terrine: beautifully presented, adorned with caviar, and served with forbidden rice crackers. It’s a luxurious dish with a soft, velvety texture and the clean flavors of the ocean. And then there’s Our Bread Bowl, the restaurant’s signature offering. This unforgettable dish features fresh manila clams, decadent 24-hour confit bacon, and a rich velouté sauce poured tableside — all served in a house-made sourdough bread bowl infused with seaweed. It’s an elevated take on the classic San Franciscan staple and it leaves you wanting more… and more! The smoky bacon balances well with the briny clams and the creamy chowder brings all the flavors together into a masterpiece of a dish worth traveling for. 

Pro tip: Ask if there are any off-menu specials — you never know what unique concoction the chef is cooking up.

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