Aerial view of Santa Monica Pier
Santa Monica

With summer finally here, we’re day-dreaming of sun-kissed skin and warm sand between our toes. But when the temperatures start rising, it’s all about balance. Get the best of both worlds with these refreshing activities in sunny Santa Monica.

First things first—dip your toes into the cool Pacific waves along the shores of Santa Monica Beach. There’s nothing more perfect than a cool spray of ocean mist as you soak in the sunshine.

If you prefer unwinding on property, claim your spot in the shade on our two-level pool deck, where our Pool Concierge will bring you chilled towels or cool you down with Evian mist. Then, drink in the relaxation with a round of cocktails at Barbelle.

When it’s time to hit the town, we’ve got the scoop. Indulge in the icy perfection of a cone from Rori’s Artisinal Creamery, a sundae or shake from Soda Jerks, or the homemade flavors of Sweet Rose Creamery.

After taking the edge off with some tasty bites, you’re ready for an air-conditioned adventure among Santa Monica’s best attractions. For history, science, or art buffs, the Museum of Flying, California Heritage Museum, and Camera Obscura Art Lab are sure to satisfy. Or, head to Santa Monica Place for more than 70 premier indoor shops, restaurants, and experiences.

From sunrise to sunset, California’s a breeze …