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The pool at Loews Miami Beach is a sight to behold.   It is the feature attraction, in my opinion.  No matter the season or the time of day, it is the place to be at the hotel.  Unlike other pools in South Beach, the Loews pool has created an environment where all types of people are having a genuinely great time.  Families with kids tend to cluster around the North end of the pool with rafts and noodles galore while the other two-thirds of the pool includes couples of varying ages mingling, bachelorette parties worshiping the sun, and those who don’t want to stray too far from frozen drinks at the bar.  The resort scene is amplified with the live family-friendly music, hourly pool amenities (frozen grapes are my favorite), and Kids Camp.


The crown jewel of this unforgettable pool set-up is the SOAK VIP Pool experience.  These cabanas and daybeds provide a complete pampering experience…poolside.  Pinch me, I must be dreaming.  Sean and I reserved Cabana #5 for a day in the middle of our stay as we thought it would be the epitome of relaxation.  And we were oh-so-right.  We were the first to arrive to SOAK on Sunday morning (everyone else must have been recovering from the Justin Timberlake & Jay-Z concert the night before), and Hayleigh greeted us as we walked up to the check-in desk.    

Hayleigh guided us to our cabana and gave us the grand tour before we were left to settle in to our daytime digs.  Our cabana’s square footage rivaled several of my previous New York City apartments, and its decor and fixtures put those same apartments to shame.  The two-story cabana set-up included an indoor air conditioned relaxation room complete with couch, TV, iPad, and fridge.  Read between the lines: this is the ultimate man cave during football season or the perfect place for the pack-and-play so naps aren’t missed but mom can still enjoy vacation.  In addition to the relaxation room, we had our own personal bathroom with a shower.  The cabana’s exterior was split between a shaded area with a chaise and chair and a full-sun area with two chaises.  Many of our neighboring cabanas had between 3-5 individuals fighting for sun, so in those instances, the upstairs sundeck with couches and daybeds came in handy.  Are you wishing you were here yet?

Sean and I opted for the sunny chaise lounge chairs and Hayleigh welcomed us with a beautiful platter of fruit and yogurt dip to share.  We had worked out in the Elemis fitness facility early that morning, so we were both quite hungry and the fruit hit the spot. Even at 11 a.m., the heat was substantial in Miami, so we alternated our time between the pool and our cabana.  This is my type of to-do list: Pool.  Chaise. Pool. Chaise.   There was also a shared hot tub in the SOAK area, but given the 90 degree temps in August, we opted to just admire it from the edge.  January might be a different story…

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As morning turned into afternoon, we worked up an appetite for lunch (and refreshing frozen drinks).  Sean had been raving about the Cancun Chicken Salad from Nautilus, the pool restaurant and bar, so we decided to split a salad and save room for an afternoon dessert inside the hotel at Scoops.  I tacked on a Frozen Pink Lemonade to the lunch order (couldn’t resist) and Sean stuck with his Loews Miami Beach favorite, Bahama Papa.

We ate lunch inside while watching golf, and then I opted to stay in the relaxation room for an hour to blog and give myself a break from the mid-day sun.  By 3 p.m., I reclaimed my sunny chaise and indulged in my summer beach read.  This is the ultimate vacation treat: Rest. Rinse. Repeat.  


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