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At Universal Orlando Resort, we’re all about providing our guests with unforgettable experiences to take with them when they head home. Whether you’re at the theme parks or staying at one of our uniquely themed on-site hotels, there are new adventures to enjoy every time you visit.

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Loews Sapphire Falls Resort is our Caribbean-inspired resort. With lush landscaping and cascading waterfalls, it really makes you feel like you’re in the islands. If you’re familiar with the Caribbean, you may know that rum is considered a staple, which is why we opened a tapas-style rum bar in the lobby of the hotel.

Strong Water Tavern is the perfect place to grab a tasty bite and specialty cocktail after a day at the theme parks or before a night out. And if you really want to immerse yourself in the Caribbean culture, ask your server or bartender for the rum-tasting experience. We sat down with one of Strong Water Tavern’s rum captains to get you the inside scoop.

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What is the rum-tasting experience?

Strong Water Tavern takes guests on the voyage of rum – from its origins to its role in North American history; from the age of exploration to the drink you hold in your hand. We take you on a tour of the Caribbean through tastings of our rum and offer suggestions for pairing with food. Each guest’s experience is customized to their preference.

What does it mean to be a rum captain?

Our rum captains at Strong Water Tavern have special training on how to pair different rums with our amazing tapas-style cuisine. They understand the characteristics of each rum in our collection of more than 100 varieties and can guide you on this incredible rum journey.

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What is the map that guests receive for their rum-tasting experience?

The map, or passport, provided to guests is for them to see where the rum on their flight originated. We stamp the passport after each flight they taste.

How many types of rum can guests try during their experience?

A flight has three ½ ounce shots of rum. Generally, guests choose three rums to try or they let the captain surprise them. No matter the choice, we always serve responsibly.

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How much does the rum-tasting experience cost?

A rum flight starts at $18 and varies depending on the number of people and flights.

What is your favorite type of rum from Strong Water Tavern?

Currently, Dictador 12 from Colombia and Botran 1893 are high on my list. I also enjoy Smith and Cross Pot Still rum, but my preference often depends on my mood.

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What is your favorite cocktail on the Strong Water Tavern menu?

My favorite cocktails would be the Rum Old Fashioned or Sazerac. I prefer my alcohol with as little mixers as possible and these two drinks are simple and refined – great turns on the classics.

Be sure to put Strong Water Tavern’s rum tasting experience on your “must do” list for your next visit. Cheers!


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