Green Lake

Seattle is a vibrant city filled with innovation and development. But they don’t call it the Emerald City without reason. Outside of the urban landscape, the surrounding areas host a rich, green, and natural habitat that should be on every adventurer’s bucket list. Here are a few of the city’s top nature excursions.

Mt. Rainier National Park

Mt. Rainier

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At almost 15,000 ft. above sea level, Mt. Rainier National Park is the iconic backdrop to the area’s picturesque scenery. While it’s open year-round, your best bet for avoiding rain is to visit it during the months of July and August. This snow-tipped mountain park has five regions that offer a range of experiences: from a casual exploration with the kids to a challenging hike for the more seasoned travelers. It’s still a natural habitat with wildlife and hazards, so preparation is essential for maximizing your enjoyment. For more information, visit its page on the National Park Service website.

Snoqualmie Falls

Snoqualmie Falls

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One of Washington’s most popular destinations, Snoqualmie Falls brings in more than 1 million visitors every year. What’s even better is that this 270-foot waterfall has a free viewing area as well as free parking during their open hours of dusk ’til dawn. The falls are sourced from the Snoqualmie River and it was believed to be a sacred place by a Native American tribe of the same name. It was their ancient burial site and the location where they believed the human race began. To see this scenic attraction, you can visit the closed address of 6501 Railroad Ave SE, Snoqualmie, Washington, 98024.

Green Lake Park

Green Lake

Green Lake Park is a treasured and scenic park in the center of northern Seattle. It’s a freshwater lake that is surrounded by trees in the middle of an urban setting, so it’s quite a nice escape for people in the city. You can walk, run, bike and skate along the 3-mile path or you can swim in its two designated areas during the summer.

So whether you’re taking an urban hike or nature walk, the city of Seattle and the surrounding areas are filled with adventures just waiting to happen.

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