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The Best of the Boston Arts
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The Best of the Boston Arts

When first planning your visit to Boston, you may instantly think of the history, the sports, or the food. However, another important factor to consider when brainstorming your options is the Boston arts scene.

These are our top art adventures in the city.

A Statue In Front Of Museum Of Fine Arts, Boston

Museum of Fine Arts

Originally founded in 1870 and with its official opening on July 4, 1876, MFA was first home to 5,600 pieces of art. Today, MFA's collection includes nearly 500,000 works of art. This is a museum you can spend hours in and still feel like you haven't seen everything. It is truly a must-visit for all ages.

A Close Up Of A Flower Garden With Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum In The Background

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

This is a museum with an amazing story about a woman named Isabella. After inheriting $1.75 million upon her father's death, she and her husband Jack began collecting pieces of art and decided to open a museum. Today, the museum lays basically untouched, as Isabella left instructions in her will that nothing be changed and no items acquired. She leaves behinds a beautiful museum "for the education and enjoyment of the public forever."

A Large Building With John F. Kennedy Presidential Library And Museum In The Background

John F. Kennedy Library and Museum

This library and museum is dedicated to the memory of our nation's thirty-fifth president and to guests worldwide. This museum details the 1960 Presidential Election, the Inauguration of JFK, and his time in the Oval Office. Located on a 10-acre park, this establishment overlooks the sea and city where JFK was able to begin his journey to success and greatness.

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