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Which facial is best for you? Find out what exhale’s expert estheticians recommend.

Professional estheticians are the skincare coaches we all need to guide us towards achieving our individual vision of what it means to score a perfect 10. Lucky for us, the award-winning and critically acclaimed exhale is located inside Loews Atlanta Hotel – and its menu of spa and fitness services are available to both hotel guests and locals, alike.  

To help you choose which facial treatment is best for you, we asked our friends at exhale – who happen to be gurus in the skincare, fitness and wellness industry – for their professional tips on what facial treatment to book and what maintenance products to use at home, depending on your current skin status and the results you want to see.   

Loews Hotels spa treatment

If you’re wanting to reduce the appearance of fine lines or revitalize maturing skin:  

The exhale Power Facial includes an appropriate peel to exfoliate, improve texture and brighten the skin. The treatment also includes red LED light to promote collagen production and reduce wrinkles, helping with anti-aging effects and skin rejuvenation. Another option is to try the Cool Beam Facial, which utilizes the benefits of LED light without the peel.  

To help maintain the firming results at home, use iS Clinical Youth Serum, iS Clinical Reparative Moisture Emulsion, and iS Clinical Youth Eye Complex. 

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If you’re wanting to brighten your complexion and reduce hyperpigmentation:  

The exhale Brighten Facial, which is also known as the iS Clinical Fire and Ice Facial, begins with an intensive resurfacing mask to lighten hyperpigmentation and dark spots that result in a more even skin tone. The treatment concludes with a rejuvenating mask to calm, plump and hydrate the skin. 

To help maintain the brightening results at home, use the EmerginC Blue Poppy Enzyme Scrub, iS Clinical Brightening Serum and iS Clinical Super Serum. 

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If you need a deep cleanse to unclog pores and feel refreshed:  

The exhale Foaming Enzyme Treatment combines fruit enzymes with a potent, botanically derived Glycolic Acid that will leave your skin clear and glowing.  

To maintain the refreshing results at home, use iS Clinical Warming Honey Cleanser, EmerginC Kombucha Cleanser and EmerginC Phytocell Detox Mask. 

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If you have acne-prone skin:  

The exhale Power Facial includes an appropriate peel to exfoliate and draw out impurities followed by blue LED light to help kill acne causing bacteria on the skin's surface. This reduces breakouts and prevents future ones. Again, our Cool Beam Facial utilizes LED light without the peel.  

To maintain these calming results at home, use the iS Clinical Cleansing Complex and iS Clinical Pro Heal Serum. 

Woman laying on a spa bed with eyes closed. | Loews Hotels

If you want to reduce puffiness and sooth irritated skin:   

The exhale True Facial with a Gua Sha add-on is an excellent choice for reducing puffiness around the face. The Gua Sha promotes lymphatic drainage and increases blood flow to the facial tissues. Also, our Cool Beam Treatment includes the red-light therapy that accelerates tissue repair, while the blue light therapy will calm inflammation.  

To maintain these noticeable results at home, use the iS Clinical Hydra Cool Serum and iS Clinical Hydra Intensive Cooling Mask. 

No matter the time of year or what the latest fashion trend is, there is one thing that never goes out of style – soft, radiant skin with a smooth complexion. From line-smoothing to skin brightening, moisturizing hydration to reducing hyperpigmentation, book an appointment to see and feel the transformation you have been wanting.  

Make it an immersive self-care complete with room service in the comfort of a plush bath robe when you combine your spa treatment with an overnight stay at Loews Atlanta Hotel. Learn more about our Atlanta Spa Escape hotel package, which includes a $150 daily spa credit, by clicking the following button. 

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