What comes to mind when you hear “Valentine’s Day”? Generally one would think red roses, champagne, romantic evenings out on the town with your partner — or even potentially an engagement dripping with diamonds. All the romantic stuff. Now, before I go any further, one would think from reading “A Valentine’ Day antidote” in my title that I’m cursing cupid’s big day, but I’m not really — I promise. However, I am here to share with you the top spots in Chicago for the single-ready-to-mingle or for the attached who just want to enjoy some good grub, company with friends and celebrate without all that lovey-dovey stuff.

First up we have ETA Restaurant + Bar, located at the lovely Loews Chicago Hotel.

Hot Sauce Fried Chicken – the perfect revenge this anti-Valentine’s Day

Beginning Valentine’s Day through February 17, ETA Restaurant + Bar will be hosting the Four C’s of Valentine’s Day for an anti-V-Day treat! Forget the diamonds this year and celebrate the Four C’s! (And, no; Cupid isn’t one of them.) Nosh on [fried] Chicken, sip on Champagne, indulge in Chocolate Cake and enjoy toasting with friends or celebrating with a significant other… (We’re not judging). Whether you’re traveling to Chicago for business or you’re a local looking for something un-romantic to do on the 14th, come by ETA Restaurant + Bar, share a story of past loves, bad dating encounter or, heck, come in and rip up a photo of your ex if that will help. It’s like therapy but with really good food and drinks. Get all the deets here.

Now you’ve filled up on fried goodness and want to hit the town  —without end up a third wheel at a local watering hole — I’ve got some top spots to check out that are ideal for the anti-Valentine goer.

The Laugh Factory on Broadway, Because Relationships Can Be Funny

The Laugh Factory reigns as one of the top spots to check out some of the hottest comedians in the country that are ready and waiting to scratch your Valentine funny bone itch with their “My Funny Valentine” shows on February 14.

(Photo Credit: Laugh Factory Chicago’s Facebook)

Laugh Factory is one of my absolute favorite places in the city to unwind and kick back for a hilariously good time, single or all bae’d up. If you haven’t visited one of their other nationwide stages, I would highly recommend giving them a try whether it’s for Cupids big day or the next time you’re in town.

Insider Tip: It is a two-drink minimum at the show, so order a beer bucket and receive a fist full of free tickets to another show of your choice at a later date. Or on your way out, show them on your phone that you’ve “checked in” to their location on social media and receive another fist full of free tickets.

Looking for a game-changer? Check out their weekend late night “Nasty Shows”…. But be warned: This is not your grandmother’s type of live show!

Let’s face it: sometimes a good laugh and grub with friends is better than any romantic dinner or long (albeit cold) walk along the Chicago beaches. Whatever you do, don’t let this Valentine’s Day be a drag. And if you need us to be your anti-Valentine this year, we’ve got you.