With the renovation of the Loews Hotel Vogue in early 2013 came the addition of La Société Bistro, a popular Parisian-style restaurant with a sister outpost in Toronto.  After I arrived in Montreal and settled in for the evening, I had my heart set on mussels and fries so I ventured down to the lobby and into the adjacent restaurant.

I ordered a glass of red wine to accompany me on the cold fall night in Canada and surveyed the scene.  My table was in prime ‘people-watching’ position and with several large groups sitting relatively close, there was plenty to keep me occupied even though I was dining solo.

I took a gander at the menu to see if anything enticed me more than what I planned on enjoying, and decided to stick with my original order.  The pound of mussels arrived and based on the intoxicating aroma of scallions, leeks, herbs, and cream I knew that I would not be disappointed with my choice.  Oh, and did I mention the basket of perfectly crispy fries that accompanied the shellfish?  I was in heaven!        

After the Moules et Frites I decided that dessert would not be a wise choice so I passed up the dessert menu, but made mention to the waiter that it was hard for me to resist.  Within a few minutes the waiter reappeared with what the Chef calls his ‘Willy Wonka’ platter.  Rightfully so!   My eyes could hardly believe all of the wonderful treats that were presented to me: apple sorbet, maple ice cream, deconstructed lemon meringue, tiramisu, jellied candies, macarons, truffles…  The list goes on and on.  I tried to do my best to make a dent in the beautiful arrangement of sweets, but finally I requested to take the truffles and macarons with me to savor the following day.

Luckily, I didn’t have to far to go to turn in for the evening (although I probably could have used the walk), so I bid the lovely team at La Société ‘good evening,’ and headed up to my room to enjoy a raspberry macaron before going to sleep.


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