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Guest post by Morgan Anderson-Reed, mind body manager, exhale South Beach

Planes, trains and automobiles… when traveling on the road, for business or pleasure, your body naturally gets out of balance. Being squished in small airplane seats, standing in long security lines, carrying heavy luggage, the change in time zones and simply the stress of going from one place to another —it all takes a toll on your body.

According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, the most common areas where we feel pain are the back, shoulders and neck. Not surprisingly, these areas are also the most aggravated when traveling. Luckily, with a little effort you can re-balance and realign your body while traveling with these three simple yoga poses.

Wall Shoulder Opener

If you’re traveling for business, exhale Spa at Loews Miami Beach Hotel offers breakout sessions for your meetings… time for stretching, meditation and even massages! Try this wall shoulder opener on your next break.

Repeat two to three times or throughout your day. This pose helps to relieve neck, shoulder, back and leg discomfort.

Pigeon Pose
Pigeon Pose

Take your yoga to the beach while you relax and sunbathe. Or, better yet, join exhale’s weekly sunrise yoga flow class on the beach, led by yours truly. It’s the perfect way to set the focus of your day and ease any mental or physical stress you have. Try this pose for your hips and back.

If pigeon pose is not accessible for you, try this modification on your back. It accesses the same muscle groups, just in a more relaxed posture.

Gently pull your knees to your heart. Breathe 10–20 breaths. Repeat on the other side.

Supported Bridge Pose

This pose is perfect to try in the fitness center or exhale Spa studio, where we offer yoga and core fusion classes seven days a week. The bridge pose relieves shoulder and back discomfort while stimulating your central nervous system.

Try these simple yoga poses anytime, anywhere on the road. And if your travels bring you to South Beach, come on over to exhale at Loews Miami Beach Hotel and take a class with me! You can check out exhale’s full class schedule and spa menu here.

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