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The Story of Our Luxury Hotels and Resorts

Loews From the Beginning

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A Heritage of Hospitality. A Future of Excellence

Loews Hotels & Resorts has been welcoming guests for over six decades. Today, our distinctive luxury hotels and resorts continue to offer guests the room they need, and the ultimate in upscale travel experiences, in key urban and resort destinations throughout the United States and Canada. With headquarters located in New York, Loews Hotels & Resorts has grown to include major destinations that cater to the business, leisure, and family traveler. 

How It All Began

It’s safe to say that hospitality is in the Tisch family’s DNA. That’s because the notable Loews Hotels & Resorts history dates back to 1946, when brothers Larry and Bob Tisch purchased their first property known as Laurel-in-the-Pines, in the New Jersey woodlands. In just a brief time the brothers turned this hotel into a true destination. Following that success, they added more properties. Today, this innovative company has the next generation at its helm and is a premier name among luxury hotel brands. Jonathan Tisch is the second generation to guide the hospitality company and Loews Hotels & Resorts, while Andrew and James Tisch oversee other subsidiaries. The lessons learned from their visionary patriarchs about value, service and commitment still run through everything we do and how Loews operates.

Where We’re Going

While the Loews Hotels & Resorts history is rich, we have an eye on tomorrow—and that means understanding today’s traveler. Each of Loews Hotels' distinctive properties has its own point of view. We are especially proud that each of our hotels reflects its surroundings. This is local in the very best sense of the word. And since we understand that our team runs the hotel but our guests run the show, travelers have the chance to go, do, explore—or do nothing at all. It’s about relaxation and enjoyment. Each of our properties is unique, but the one thing that never wavers is a warm, welcoming atmosphere where business travelers, families and, yes, even your four-legged friends feel right at home.

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