Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does my Loews Hotels Gift Card work?
A: Loews currently offers three different types of Gift Cards:

  • Brand-wide Loews Hotels Gift Cards – These Gift Cards can only be issued and redeemed at Loews Hotels properties.
  • Brand-wide Loews Hotels e-Gift Cards – Our e-Gift Cards are available through the Gift Cards page on our website. These virtual e-Gift Cards are sent to the recipient via email. The recipient may then print out a copy of the e-Gift Card—or show the e-Gift Card on their device—for redemption at any Loews Hotels property.
  • Property-specific Gift Cards – These Gift Cards are from a single hotel or resort and can only be issued and redeemed at that specific location.

Q: Can paper-based gift certificates still be used?
A: Yes, all paper-based Loews Hotels gift certificates still in circulation will be honored.

Q: In what denominations are Gift Cards available?
A: Brand-wide Loews Hotels Gift Cards and e-Gift Cards can be purchased in any denomination ranging from USD $25 to USD $2,000.  

Q: When will my credit card be charged for my Gift Card purchase?
A: When you order an e-Gift Card online, your credit card will be charged after you click "Confirm Order" on the check-out window of your completed order form. When you purchase a Gift Card in person at a Loews Hotels property, your credit card will be charged at the time of signature.

Q: What happens if I do not receive my physical Gift Card that I bought online?
A: If you have bought your physical Gift Card online and didn’t receive it, please call 1-888-320-6065

Q: How do I purchase more than one Gift Card?
A: Visit a Loews Hotels property, where our staff will be pleased to help you secure Gift Card orders in greater numbers.

Q: Can Gift Cards be ordered by telephone?
A: At this time, Gift Cards can only be ordered on line here or purchased from one of our hotels or resorts with the exception of Universal Orlando® properties.

Q: What can Gift Cards be used for?
A: Brand-wide Loews Hotels Gift Cards can be used for accommodations. For in-house guests, any charge that can be applied to a hotel folio can be paid for with a Gift Card.  Upon check-in, a credit card is still required for incidentals coverage. Gift Cards may also be redeemed at select property outlets. This includes taxes and gratuities. Gift cards cannot be used to book reservations. 

Q: Does the holder of a Gift Card have to be a hotel/resort guest to use the Gift Card?
A: The holder can use his/her Gift Card to pay for select meals or services purchased at a Loews Hotels property even if he/she is not currently a guest there. We suggest that Gift Card holders check with the hotel or resort at time of booking.

Q: Does the full value of the Gift Card have to be redeemed at once?
A: Unlike a paper-based gift certificate, the brand-wide Loews Hotels Gift Cards and e-Gift Cards may carry a balance. If a guest uses his/her Gift Card to pay for something of lesser value than is stored on the card, the amount of the purchase will be subtracted and the remaining balance will remain on the card for future use.

Q: Do Gift Cards have an expiry date?
A: Brand-wide Loews Hotels Gift Cards do not expire.

Q: Can Gift Cards be redeemed for cash?
A: Brand-wide Loews Hotels Gift Cards and e-Gift Cards cannot be redeemed for cash. They may only be used as payment at a Loews Hotels property.

Q: What happens if my Gift Card is lost or stolen?
A: Loews Hotels is not responsible for replacing or reimbursing lost or stolen physical Gift Cards. 

Q: What happens if I misplace my e-Gift Card email?
A: If you have deleted or misplaced your e-Gift Card email, please call 1-888-320-6065

Q: How can I check my Gift Card balance?
A: To check a Gift Card or e-Gift Card balance:

  • Click here
  • Enter your card number in the field provided
  • Click “Submit” button to check your balance

*Attention customers who purchased Loews Hotels gift cards, at the Loews Don CeSar Hotel’s front desk and/or F&B outlets between 9/1/16 and 1/9/17.

Please note that your gift cards will only be available for redemption at Loews Don CeSar Hotel between now and 2/16/17. After this date, these specific cards will no longer be valid at the Don CeSar. Customers can choose to redeem the gift cards at any other Loews property or exchange the gift card by visiting the property and having it reissued.

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