With umbrella in tow, I bid adieu to the Loews Hotel Vogue doorman and set off on a quick jaunt to Sherbrooke Street, located just north of the hotel. I glanced at my watch to ensure that it was past 11 am which is when the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts opened its doors to patrons. Right on time. Starting the itinerary on a positive note, despite the impending rain.Montreal Road Trip 004
As I approached the Museum’s block, I noticed several other buildings denoted as the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in close proximity to one another, but each had very different architecture.  Thankfully the exhibit I was going to see, Splendore at Venezia, was boldly displayed on the front of one of the three buildings so I knew just where to enter.  I purchased my admission ticket and perused the map while waiting in line for my free audio tour to accompany the main exhibit.  The map explained that there are actually 5 exhibition spaces within a 2 block radius that comprise the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, each dedicated to a different discipline.

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Splendore at Venezia was an exhibit dedicated to the evolution of art and music in Venice.  Rather than a typical art museum audio tour with information about the works of art on display, this gallery had a music soundtrack which was a pleasant surprise.  After spending 90 minutes or so in the very dark exhibit, I welcomed the bright foyer with floor-to-ceiling windows.  Even on the overcast day it was a beautiful spot to stop for a few minutes to figure out my next move on my tour of Montreal.

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I took a quick spin through the impressive gift shop before exiting back out on to Sherbrooke Street.  Across the street, in another exhibition space, I noticed that there was a Chihuly exhibit.  Although I was running on a tight schedule, I did cross the street to admire the large glass sculpture that was displayed in front of the classical building.  I will have to devote an entire day to the Montreal Museum of Fine Art on my next trip!  So much to see, so little time…

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