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Hotels Near Universities

Loews Hotels & Co understands the unique needs of students, families, and universities. That's why we offer exceptional locations near top colleges and universities, along with dedicated programs and services to make every visit a success. Our hotels are conveniently located, making them the perfect home base for campus visits, tours, move-in days, or graduation celebrations. Whether you're celebrating a milestone, planning a campus visit, or attending a sporting event, Loews Hotels offers themed packages and experiences designed to cater to every collegiate need.

Here are some highlights of our Loews Loves The U program:

  • Graduation: Make your graduation a truly special occasion with our graduation packages. Enjoy luxurious accommodations, celebratory dining options, and personalized touches to create lasting memories.
  • Move-In Day: Take the stress out of move-in day with our convenient locations and welcoming team. We offer special packages that include comfortable accommodations for families, helping to make the transition to college life smooth and enjoyable.
  • Campus Tours & Visits: Explore your dream school or visit your favorite student with our campus tour packages. Our hotels provide the ideal home base for your college exploration.
  • Special Events & Celebrations: Take advantage of our stunning private event spaces and exceptional restaurants, perfect for university-related events, club gatherings, or fraternity/sorority functions. Loews Hotels offers a variety of collegiate special offers to ensure your stay is memorable. Please visit the Loews Hotels location near your university for the latest details and packages.

Together, let's make every collegiate milestone a celebration.

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