Book More, Save More

Discount Deal!
Discount Deal!

We’ve created a special offer to help you save more on your next group. Save up to 7% off your master bill when you book two or more contracts before September 30, 2018 to consume by December 31, 2019.

  • Book 2 Contracts: Receive 3% Off of the Master Bill
  • Book 3-4 Contracts: Receive 4% Off of the Master Bill
  • Book 5+ Contracts: Receive 6% Off of the Master Bill
  • BONUS: Receive an additional 1% Off of the Master Bill for groups booked for 2019

Terms + Conditions

Groups must be booked with a mutually signed contract by September 30th, 2018 and consumed by December 31st, 2019. Promotion is based upon availability and does not apply to conventions, citywide or groups already contracted at a Loews Hotel and/or in conjunction with another promotional offer or discount. Multiple contracts must be mutually signed within 30 days of each other to be eligible for the promotional offering and may be subject to individual hotel requirements specific to similar number of group rooms and/or contract revenue. Multiple contracts must be signed by the same end-user. Additional terms and conditions may apply.

Earned percentage off the master bill will be applied to the final folio based upon consumed, eligible revenue. If a future program is cancelled as part of a multi-contract commitment any associated future contracts will lose eligibility for the percentage off master promotion. The percentage discount off of the master folio only applies to eligible revenue which is defined as consumed group guest rooms and catered banquet food & beverage in the meeting room(s) and is exclusive of all taxes, service charges and commissions. In order to receive the percentage off master, group must meet or exceed the defined and agreed to revenue commitment in executed contracts. All other associated spend by the contracted group and/or meeting will not qualify for the percentage discount off the master account folio. Food & Beverage minimums may apply. The percentage off the master is off net guest room revenue and is only eligible for guests paying the negotiated group rate or higher. Net revenue is less taxes and commissions.

Programs must either be booked in one contract or, if contracted separately, within 30 days of the initial contracts signature date for multi-hotel/multi-event concession eligibility. If a definite Loews Hotels & Co property contract evolves into a multi-hotel deal for other Loews Hotels & Co properties at a later date, the terms and concessions agreed to in the initial, definite contract would not be changed or re-negotiated to align with a new multi-hotel/multi-event deal. Concessions are not retroactive to an initial contract and would apply to only the future meetings contracted.

Special concessions negotiated through preferred property contracts and/or brand-wide MSA’s with Loews Hotels & Co will be at the discretion of the individual properties. Some exclusions may apply, please contact the hotel directly for details.

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